Welcome to Ramon’s diary!!

My name is Ramona. I’ve moved to Dubai in 2009 and since then, I fell in love with this beautiful city. There are three important “F”s in my life; Fitness, Fashion, and Food.

Fitness; I must start my day with some exercise. Now this workout can be a relaxing yoga, an intense cross-fit, or sometimes a simple Cardio. Either way, this early morning activity gives me my daily dose for staying in shape and happy.

Fashion; My love is fashion, and fashion is my passion. I’m always  interested in new trends and love to try new and different styles. Ultimately my dream is, one day to become a very successful fashion stylist.

Food; I believe there is no limitation for this subject. From trying out new restaurants to cooking at home in my own kitchen, I embrace all flavors with my heart and soul.

From the first day in Dubai, I’ve seen new Boutiques, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Lounges, Spas, Gym, and new places opening everyday and so on. Since I am an adventurous person and would love to try new things and go to different places, and I always recommend them to my friends, so I decided to open my own blog in order to share my opinions and suggestions about everything this city has to offer, for those who are new in this city or for those who are like me and want to try new experiences.



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