Caramel Restaurant & Lounge, Dubai

buratta image-01-11-15-05-00-5 sweet potato salad image-01-11-15-05-00-4 image-01-11-15-05-00-3 beef short ragu lambshank image-01-11-15-05-00-1 marshmallowdream

I’m so lucky to have this opportunity to live in Dubai! A city which brings the most famous concepts from all around the world. As we all know Las Vegas is one of the most extraordinary cities for its restaurants, lounges, and night-life, and thanks to Caramel Group who brought us a unique experience from Vegas, called Caramel to UAE.

I don’t think I need to explain about their lavish hospitality, pleasant services, and of course their marvelous foods, because these are the points that I always hear from everyone about Caramel restaurant. But recently, they just launched their new menu and I had this chance to try their mouthwatering and delicious new items out. They added couple fantastic salads like: Roasted Sweet Potato, Kale and Quinoa, Spinach and Mushroom. Also some delicious appetizers like Tuna Pizza with truffle oil, Burrata Cheese, and Lobster Tail. And For main course Crusted Veal Picante, Chicken Marsala, Pan Roasted Salmon and Beef Short Rib Ragu, and of course for sweet ending Nutella Cheesecake, Marshmallow Dream and Chocolate Macaroon.

My favorites:

Appetizer: Tuna Pizza is a must (it’s a dish that you cant find it anywhere else), Kale and Quinoa Salad.

Main Course: Beef Short Rib Ragu (it’s one of the most amazing Pasta dishes that I ever had)

Dessert: Heavenly Marshmallow (I can just say I was almost leaking the bottom of my plate when I finished it)

I also have good news for all the Shisha smokers which is: they are going to serve Shisha in cabana area from this week!! And for their every night events and promotions follow their Instagram @caramelgroup

I hope they bring my all the time favorite crab cake back 😉

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