Tashas, Dubai

Tashas-Dubai IMG_8479_Fotor IMG_9677 IMG_8480_Fotor IMG_8481(2)_Fotor IMG_9679 IMG_0083 IMG_0082 IMG_0092



Recently I visited and tried several times the new Tashas restaurant by the Greek-South African founder, one and only Natasha Sideris. When I went there for the first time, I found the menu, one of the largest and most creative menus I’ve ever seen in Dubai for a casual/comfort dining options. There’re plenty of eggs, pastry and healthy fruit-based breakfast dishes plus all things bready with sandwiches, toasties, flatbreads and quesadillas and continues to salads, delicious pastas and a protein fix with main courses.  

Using fresh ingredients, putting so much thought to the recipes were the keys to the delicious and mouthwatering dishes. I was there two times for breakfast and lunch and I can’t tell which dish was my favorite and I can’t wait to go back to try the other dishes as well.


FOOD: 10/10



CONTACT DETAIL:  http://www.tashascafe.com

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