Hop2 It Night at Stage2, Vida Downtown

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I can say, I am so lucky that I live in Downtown Dubai where the most hot spots of the city are located at. As everyone knows Vida hotel in Downtown is one of these spots. Vida hotel is most famous for its restaurants like Toko and La Serre which both of them are among my favorites of Dubai’s restaurants and lounges. Recently, I have this opportunity to checked out their new theme night at stage2. Stage2 is their international lounge which is located on the lobby level and makes use of an intimate terrace overlooking the pool. Every Thursday they have their “Paired Seafood night” where you can enjoy a variety of seafood elements matched with different wines -perfect chilled out vibe to start the weekend-

The other theme night is on Tuesdays and it’s called “Hop2 It” which contains variety of hops paired with an exciting array of food elements, including tasters of duck, steak and shrimp. Hope2 It is a very good idea for when you come back from a busy working day in middle of the week and look for a chilled place to go with your company and get relaxed on their very comfy couches and enjoy a tray of paired locally made beers with variety of food. The interior design and the vibe of this place made me feel I am at home and took the tiredness out of me.

Vida hotel Downtown make me impress every time with their new concepts and ideas.


Contact Detail: http://www.vida-hotels.com/offers.aspx

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