Monthly Archives: November 2014

China Town!!

`   last week I was in China and I had this opportunity to combine business with a little pleasure. Chilly weather and shiny sun was calling for some bright colors’ layering cloths. I’m wearing leather pencil skirt with blouse and layering it with a knit top. Top: Zara ( Skirt: Top Shop Shoes: Diesle

Omina Gourmet, Jumeirah

  If you’ve been following me, you already know that I am a super healthy person. I always eat with my eyes and consider what is on my plate. This cafe is only place in Dubai that I can close my eyes and eat whatever they put on my plate. Omnia Gourmet is a hidden gem […]
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A Walk in The Old Town

Since I live in a city where is surrounded with the newest technologies and breaking record high-rises and modern architectures, but sometimes It feels good to just simply walk through the narrow streets of the old town which are surrounded with long clay walls. A breeze of fresh air finally touches my face and smells […]
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Hop2 It Night at Stage2, Vida Downtown

I can say, I am so lucky that I live in Downtown Dubai where the most hot spots of the city are located at. As everyone knows Vida hotel in Downtown is one of these spots. Vida hotel is most famous for its restaurants like Toko and La Serre which both of them are among […]
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