Fashion Forward SS15 Day3



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Raised in a family that highly regards and appreciates art, Ava Hashemi drew the inspiration behind this collection from the middle-eastern art and architecture. The mirror-like embellishments in this collection resemble the mirror works on the ceiling of her grandparent’s house.

Since this is the first collection Hâshè is showcasing in Dubai, the collection aims to capture the spirit of Dubai; hence the use of vibrant colors and structured silhouettes.

This collection is named “Reflection” since Ava believes it’s a reflection of her background and childhood.


   Madiyah Al Sharqi

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This season Al Sharqi follows the signature influences of the 70’s by introducing elegant off-shoulder pieces, ruffles and billowing sleeves, drawing inspiration from her muse; Marie Antoinette. Her Spring/Summer collection features an array of garments, from gowns to sleek separates by incorporating effortless silhouettes composed of a fresh color palette in lavender, peach, khaki and white tones. Al Sharqi’s custom use of layering fabrics such as jacquards, crepe and lace continues to be the signature of the brand within this collection, luxuriated with the use of embellishments composed of unique crystals and carefully selected stones.

    Dima Ayad

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For her Spring Summer 2015 collection, Ayad offers a range of options and garments that come in a variety of clean and feminine cuts, the key being simplicity. Her range includes a combination of gazar organza, jacquard and jersey in fresh block colours including sunny yellow, lilac, silver, navy blue, and hints of nude undertones. The silhouettes are a combination of classics re-engineered, voluminous skirts with matching fitted tops and of course her signature crop top re-introduced in this collection with a twist.


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The inspiration behind this collection comes from a space odyssey, neo classic imagery, cloning and sci- fi movies but also from love stories. It is like a waltz in space.

I looked at alien-like deep sea creatures with transparent bodies, droid space soldiers and cloning and mixed them with drama and romance.

The colour palette is mainly white, with various textures such as lace, tulle, linens, ribbons and ceramics creating an effect that is futuristic and minimal yet romantic and intricate at the same time.



All images courtesy of Getty Images

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