Fashion Forward SS15 Day1


      Jean Louis Sabaji 

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The scenario Jean-Louis Sabaji planned out this season was far from being romantic; but concentrated on birds, their plumage and the skin beneath all the feathers.

This is the point where an outbreak of Jean-Louis’s famous techniques in one collection which simultaneously included silicone, unfinished organza, beading and braiding.


    The Emperor 1688

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For Spring Summer 2015 The Emperor 1688 looks to memory, memory of travel, memories of adventure, to a time where smart phones and pictures were not as instant as they are now. The focus of the collection shifts to a time when our memory was the only source we had to remind us of our adventures abroad. Specific colors, textures and fibres trigger a memory once you are home, back to your urban life.

This season the Golkar brothers look specifically to Monsieur Yves Saint Laurant and his adventures in Morocco and his lifelong obsession with the North African climate. He returned home to Paris with a sense of romance he attached to Morocco.

The Golkar brothers looked specifically at colors that are synonymous with Yves Saint Laurant’s Morocco, from the blues of Le Jardin Majorelle, to the earth tones of the deserts of North Africa and the dusty tones of the summer skies. Using prints and woven fabrics that trigger a subtle memory of North African Art and Architecture.


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MARAL believes that “life is in colors”… she has been adept in playing with colors and its hues, and their interplay has fascinated her. This is amply displayed in her collections which are bright and with rich. The effective use of a neutral white base allows the rich colors to stand out and make a statement in her entire collection.

Her Persian roots can be witnessed, as she blends its traditional and royal designs with a contemporary touch. Her creations while being modern, also has the hint of the glory of Persian traditions. The collection is created in resplendent silks with striking silhouettes. With delicate handiwork and excellent finishing, each ensemble is mesmerizing.

    Micheal Cinco

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His fresh and elegant juxtaposition of elements, like fabric and Swarovski crystal embellishments, reiterate his utterly no-nonsense love for the intricacy of details on exceptionally superb creations.
Cinco’s conceptual lines draw from a range of visual stimuli, which help him create stories for his mood boards, where he reconciles dramatic effect with reality. Cinco believes that all fashion designers are eclectic ‘borrowers,’ throwing in their nets in search for inspiration. His many travels influence his visual research range over many cultures and periods.



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