Clinton ST. Baking Company, Dubai

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Under Burj View residences in Downtown Dubai, you may find a hidden gem brought from my favorite place in the world New York, called Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant. A true authentic all American concept with more than decades old of family homemade recipes such as their specials Pancakes or Wagyu Rump Steak & Eggs (which was the best “steak & eggs” in UAE I must say) The piece of Wagyu was perfectly cooked to my liking. “lonely Planet” rated them Number 1 breakfast spot in New York so I had to gave it a try which I’m glad that I did and will go back there more often.

The restaurant is very cozy and humble with the menu and specials of the day written on the kitchen’s wall. We went there for breakfast so they brought us their specialty homemade jam which was truly delicious and original to the flavor. After we had our breakfast, we left some room for our sweet tooth. No regret there when you have a bite of their Pancakes which of course in my case was chunk chocolate. It melted in your mouth and chocolate chunks on top made it absolutely yummy with their homemade syrup that completed our breakfast for the day.

I will definitely go back there again for breakfast and can’t wait to try their dinner as well.

Food: 10/10

Service: 10/10

Atmosphere: 10/10

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