Breakfast at Eggspectation in the walk Jbr, Dubai

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Recently, I’ve visited this new restaurant on the walk, JBR, called “Eggspectation”. The name was catchy so I had to approach it and see their menu and oh boy, I was really impressed with their vast varieties of eggs creations which they had for breakfast. The concept is from Montreal, Canada and actually, it was one of the few breakfast places in Dubai which has so many items with eggs, ranging from any omelets you can think of to eggs benedict with any kind of meat (Bacon, Salmon, Chicken, or Lobster) or even Eggs & steak which is not very popular here unlike North America. Not forget to mention their choice of “low cholesterol or organic eggs” along with their other healthy options.

It was a long wait to seat outside for the beach view and since they’ve just opened less than two weeks prior to my visit, the service was very slow with so many mistakes on delivering the food. When the food came, I expected more on their dish presentation with more flavors. I hope next time I visit them in a near future; they improve their service and focus more to perfect their executions on dishes because it can be one of the top breakfast spots in city with its prime location and amazing menu!

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