Beauty Obsession with Clarins

It is been a while I have spent months to buy and try different skin care products from different brands. But finally I had a chance to meet the team of Clarins in Dubai mall, and their dermatologist helped me to choose the right products for my skin. So now after I have been using those for sometimes, I can feel and see my skin is more softer, firmer, and brighter.

Have a look at my Clarins favorites:

IMG_7117 IMG_7120


Gentle Exfoliating Cleans:

It remove make-up, gently cleans and exfoliates to remove impurities.You will feel your new skin!!

Toning Lotion:

It gently removes all traces of cleanser, stimulate and refresh your skin.


Brightening Serum:

This lightweight serum is the ultimate in brightening and skin tone correction. Day after day you can see the fade of dark spots and discoloration.

Eye Contour Balm:

From the first signs of aging, it revitalizes the delicate skin of the eyelids. Actually, they suggested it is better to start to use this product from age 26 and up.


HydraQuench Lotion:

It hydrates the skin while helping to reduce the appearance of shiny skin due to heat and humidity.


Multi-Active Nigh Cream:

It works overnight when skin’s most receptive to renewal so that in the morning, it look smooth, luminous and better toned.



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