Under the Tuscan sun

The summer is around the corner and most probably you are looking for an awesome and enjoyable vacation. Somewhere maybe to get rid of this busy and hectic city life and just relax and refresh the mind and unwind your soul. One of my top destination is Siena. Siena is a city in Tuscany, Italy which is famous for their Cuisine, wine, art, and museum.



Hotel suggestion:

Palazzo Ravizza is a family owned hotel in the heart of the historic Siena. During my stay there, I was transported to the different era without sacrificing any of convenience and service. The hotel amenities are a sitting room, a small wine bar, and a unique garden with an overlooking of Tuscan hillside. Throughout the summer they serve the breakfast outdoor at the beautiful garden which creates a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

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Most visits:

From the hotel, you are only a short walk from the Duomo and Piazza del Campo, two of the landmarks you must visit during your stay at Siena. By walking through the street of Siena you can enjoy the vibe and atmosphere of ancient era. Siena is famous for their food, so try to go to the family owned restaurants which most of them are located in the very tighten alley, but they bring you the most delicious pastas and true italian homemade food because the chef who happens to be the housewife of the family makes everything from the scratch and heart. And don’t forget to treat yourself after a long walk with their Gelato on your way back to the hotel.

IMG_2348 IMG_2369 IMG_2624 IMG_2683 IMG_2726 IMG_2733

Sienna is only one hour drive from Pisa and Florence. So try to spend a whole day specifically for a short trip to these cities, and don’t think you get tired because of the roads and drive. But I can easily assure you, renting a car and driving down the beautiful and magical roads which are surrounded by all the wineries, olive and sunflower fields was the highlight of my trip.

IMG_2965 IMG_2851 IMG_2855 IMG_2880 IMG_2888 IMG_2889 IMG_2891 IMG_2937

Last but not least, your vacation would not be completed without a wine tour to the surrounding countryside of Chianti. During the tour you will be guided to the Chianti wine tasting of several wines in a warm and friendly tasting cellar where you’ll appreciate the fine quality of local wines, combine with a sample of local specialities such as bruschetta, pecorino cheese, and cold cuts.

At the end of your vacation, you can feel yourself in Diana Lane character in the movie “Under the Tuscan sun”. 😉

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