Katsuya, Dubai

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When I found out that Katsuya is opening in Dubai, I got so excited since it was one of my hang out spots back in Los Angeles, Ca. Over there, Katsuya is more like a lounge restaurant concept with DJ and alcohol license which is ideal to start a fun night with your friends and of course there was no night that you could not spot a celebrity from Hollywood on the weekends.

Anyhow, I had to give it a try for the Katsuya in Dubai mall, and surely did not disappoint me at all! The food was as good as in US locations with a little bit twist but still carries some of their signature dishes. I loved the fact that you probably have one of the best views of the fountain when you sit on the terrace. The interior design keeps its modern Japanese style and the service is above average with some knowledgeable staff. After I asked the manager about the next locations, he gave me the good news and said most probably they are going to start the same concept as US in Dubai for their next location. so get ready OKKU and Zuma, you’ve got some serious competition coming on your way 🙂

What I ordered: Seaweed salad, “mouthwatering” Albacore sashimi with crispy Onion, Spicy tuna on crunchy rice, Rainbow roll and Baked Scallops on california roll.

Food:              8/10

Service:           8/10

Atmosphere:  8/10  (this score is high because of the nice view & the vibe which fountain gives to this restaurant)

Contact Detail:  http://katsuyarestaurant.com/

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