Nasimi Beach, Dubai

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It is weekend and weather is so nice, and if you are like me, probably you look forward to spend most of your time outside by the beach to enjoy this weather as much as it’s possible!

Nasimi is one of my favorite places to hang out for the weekends to absorb some Vitamin D while having the best time with my friends. Specially saturdays, because they have the ultimate brunch concept which they serve variety of food in small portions as many as you want, plus your choice of different Absolute pitcher flavors, and of course they have a fantastic live music which after sunset turns into a play ground for partying and dancing until late (famous for their full moon parties). During the weekdays is more relax and still a great place for sunbathing while enjoying the view of Dubai skyline.

Why Nasimi is my favorite beach club in Dubai:

  • Great atmosphere & beachfront view – no entry fee/only cover charge which is normal!
  • Amazing food, service, people, and lounge music (not too hardcore & not too over crowded)
  • Ultimate beach setup (sun-beds, beds, sofa-bed) makes it great for tanning and relaxing while you’re hanging out with your friends.

Contact Detail:

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