Maison Bagatelle, Dubai

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Maison Bagatelle is a French restaurant which has recently opened in Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. This chic and modern restaurant/cafe offers Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. They have their own bakery so you can enjoy your afternoon tea or coffee with their fresh out of the oven pastries. 
What makes this restaurant different from others in the Boulevard:
It’s the setting of the restaurant. Almost all of the restaurants in Downtown have outdoor and indoor sitting, but most of the time you need to wait for an outdoor seat in this beautiful weather. But in Maison Bagatelle It doesn’t matter to sit outside or inside because this restaurant with open French door to the Boulevard, gives you the fresh breeze and beautiful view of Downtown Dubai while you are sitting inside.
What I ordered:
Carpaccio beetroot Salad, Filet mignon with reduction mushroom sauce which was their special dish of the day, and Duck Confit.
I hope you enjoy your next visit to this French restaurant as much as I did. And let me hear your opinion.
Food:                    8/10
Atmosphere:        8.5/10
Service:                8/10
Will I visit again: yes!
Restaurant contact Details

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